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Islam’s Ban on Child Combatants, Latest Article by Musa Furber

Tabah Fellow Musa Furber wrote an article concerning children serving as combatants. Children have been used as combatants by certain Muslim parties in recent and current conflicts, including

a href=”http://edition.cnn.com/2014/01/07/world/asia/afghanistan-girl-suicide-mission/” target=”_blank”>Afghanistan, the BalkansIraqSyria, and Yemen. The use of child combatants—whether voluntary or coerced—contravenes the actions of the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ and the Shari‘ah.

Muslim scholars and leaders need to educate the general public concerning the unlawful status of these actions, and that they must cease supporting those who call for, or enable, the use of child combatants.

Full Article:

AlArabiya News – Islam’s Ban on Child Combatants